The Scroogled Store is Now Open!

From the start, Scroogled has been dedicated to exposing Google’s violations of your privacy.  We’ve shown you how Google goes through every single word of every single email sent to or from your Gmail account to target you with ads, how they serve up shopping results that are actually paid ads, how they share your contact information with app developers, how they monetize web searches that students do in school, and even how they say email users have no expectation of privacy. The list goes on and on.

This has struck a chord. Millions of people have visited and hundreds of thousands have signed the petitions to tell Google to stop violating their privacy.  Now, there’s a new way for people to express themselves and their misgivings about Google – with Scroogled gear from the brand new Scroogled Store.

The store is stocked with t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, hats, water bottles and more, all with a variety of fun graphics that help you tell the world that you’re tired of Google’s antics.  Check out some of the designs:

Word cloud  Dont get scroogled for backs

I'm watchingKeep Calm

 Hit the Store and grab your favorite!

PC World: Google’s Schmidt Roasted for Privacy Comments

An Internet privacy watchdog has blasted Google chief executive Eric Schmidt for his comments on Internet privacy, saying his remarks suggest Google misunderstands basic lessons about why privacy is important.

Lest anything be taken out of context, here’s the full quote from Schmidt, uttered in an interview with CNBC:

“If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place, but if you really need that kind of privacy, the reality is that search engines including Google do retain this information for some time, and it’s important, for example that we are all subject in the United States to the Patriot Act. It is possible that that information could be made available to the authorities.”  Read the full article here.